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All natural skincare for your private garden (down there). 

Bedroom Toys

Not all bed toys are permitted by God. The ones we sell... 

  • Skincare Down There

    Our lady parts are very delicate and should not be a source of harsh chemicals. You should be tending to your garden for your husband to enjoy! SS 6:2 My lover has gone down to his garden, to his spice bed, to browse in the gardens and gather the lilies.

  • Holy Anointing Oil with Spices

    In Exodus we learn right from God that it is good to take the holy oil mixed with some of the finest spices, to purify what God desires to be used for His glory. We are able to anoint our beds, homes, husbands, our selves, and much more! Listen to podcast ep. 113 "Anointing Your Home"

  • Bedroom Toys

    Not all things are permissible, so we are careful to take all things before God prior to selling. Our toys are modest, yet spicey! We refuse immorality and invite holiness without legalism. Our toys will provide the help you may need to enjoy God's blessings in the bedroom.