"Hey Lovely Ladies!! Sorry it’s long but I had so much to say!! I just wanted to give a little testimonial about some goodies I got from the spiced wife store!!!

Let me just say I was nervous and a little skeptical about the lingerie, but let me tell you, my husbands jaw dropped literally, I wear lingerie at least once a month when he comes home from the oil field just to show him I missed him. Well this one was next level. I literally felt spicy!! I can’t believe how good it made me feel! Like Ashlyn Watkins said in one of the podcasts, these things WILL fit! I will post the package of the one I ordered. Like I said I was skeptical because I am over the 250lbs it says that it fits, but I had no problem once I put it in and got it all stretched how I wanted it!

I also got a help her tube deluxe as a surprise for my husband. Sadly being in the oil field his one week home a month sometimes falls during my cycle. But luckily this past week was not and we were able to check this out together. He said it was amazing and I loved watching how into it he was! I definitely recommend it! I think my husband would to he just said it needs to be a manly color not pink LOL! Besides color he said it was the coolest thing he had ever seen in a sex toy for a man.

I also am in the process of reading her book on the kindle app and I am loving what I have read. I was a very promiscuous teen and young adult and have so many regrets. I feel like God is leading me to be the woman that I wish I had growing up to just keep it real with me. Wednesday night will be my first night volunteering with the high school girls at my church. Everyone has told me that I am crazy for wanting to spend my time with teenage girls, but my heart has such a tender spot for them. I feel like this book will be an amazing tool as I take on this new journey. Wish me luck and lots of prayers!

Lastly I just want to thank Ashlyn for what she is doing. My marriage went from a oil field wreck where we had both cheated, to me wanting to call it quits in my marriage and my faith, to now I am walking closer with God than I believe I had before any of the problems ever arose in my marriage. I am also happy to report that my marriage has been saved. I am extremely thankful for God’s grace and leadership. I know this has gotten long, but I just want to express how much I love this podcast and group and just Ashlyn as a sister in Christ! I wish I could attend the conference!!"

-Mrs. A.T.