Are Sex Toys ok?

Well, before you read anything, ask yourself: Do I read the Bible diligently? Do I have a submitted relationship with Christ? Because only when you can say yes to these questions will you be able to hear God's convictions for your life because sex toys are not mentioned in the Bible. When a topic is not a heaven or hell matter and isn't clearly noted in Scripture, then according to Romans 14 you will need to know what is right for you and what isn't. You know this by walking with the Holy Spirit. 

On the Spiced Wife Podcast Episode 45, we broke out of the religious mindset that makes us think God does not want us to be sexually liberated in an undefiled marriage bedroom. It's religion that has been making God seem unwelcoming, stiff, and uncomfortable when it comes to sex! Jesus came to SAVE all of creation, so yes that includes sex! Let your private marriage bed be transformed by the renewing of your mind in Christ Jesus!

We learned there is a difference between worldly sexy and holy sexy.

As Spiced Wives, we are holy spiced and we ONLY go to God for permission in how we should enjoy the bedroom. 

It is time to stop taking God out of what He created: holy, fruitful, enjoyable marital sex! So now how do sex toys come into play? Well, first of all not ALL sex toys are permissible and we will address that further along. But, due to the fall of man in Genesis 3, and sin entering the world, what God made simple and pure became tainted. Because of the fall, we now need medication, diets, surgeries, counseling, daycares, etc. These are all things that when used according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, are there to help us with the struggles of this fallen world. That is where some sex toys come into the picture. They too can be used to help some wives in experiencing what God created in sex. 

The problem we faced was there were no stores dedicated to Christian Wives that sold sexual items that were prayed over and approved by GOD; so, the Spiced Wife store now came to solve that problem!

You do not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable walking into the local immoral sex store. You now can order within the privacy of your own home the very things that God has approved for helping your bedroom!

Always seek GOD first in prayer and obey your convictions. If sex toys are not for you, it does not mean that that goes for all. Likewise, if sex toys are for you, it too does not mean that that goes for all. Just like John the Baptist was told never to drink wine, but Jesus was able to, God will lead you according to His will for YOU. We all must obey God individually remembering that the Holy Spirit enables us to be free from man's written religious law and instead allows us to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Please note, sex toys and lingerie are NOT replacing God and God has not permitted us to sell ALL sex toys. In fact, He only permitted us to sell two kinds. You still must depend on God to bring enjoyment to the bedroom. Just like you do not worship medication over God, but you pray for God to use the medication according to His will for your physical health, same with sex toys. If God says don't take the medication you obey Him no matter what any doctor says. If God (not religion) tells you don't wear lingerie, you obey Him no matter what anyone says. That is your business, between you and God. Pray over them to bring spice according to God's will and power. If God does not work in the medication it won't work and the same for sex toys! You ALWAYS still need GOD!

The items we have for sale are the only type of toys we have been cleared by God to sell. We do not promote perverse items that go against Biblical sex. We promote and encourage submitting our bedroom toys to God for Him to show us how to better our intimacy with our husbands. Toys are not mandatory, they are to be used as you feel comfortable for the enjoyment of your marriage bed, which IS sacred through repentance, with or without toys.

When God created sex He created it easy and pure, where man and woman would be able to please each other without the need of help. However, when sin entered the world through health issues, mental issues, rape, premarital sex, etc. it opened the door for sex to become difficult, uncomfortable, and unenjoyable, even in marriage. Some couples need the extra help and therefore God has given Spiced Wife the approval to take bedroom enhancements away from the power of the world, and to instead bless the toys & lingerie over marriages, to be used the right way, in the marriage bedroom!