Marriage Maintenance Assessment

Marriage Maintenance Assessment

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We have partnered with the best world known system used by thousands of counselors, mentors, and coaches!!

This assessment is highly effective and has been proven to have 94% accuracy among the 3,600 couples used during the research and development phase.

Each spouse will take their own 35-minute marriage assessment that will produce a 15-19 page report measuring everything from psychological wellbeing to how their combined personalities can be leveraged for future marriage success. This state-of-the-art program is purchased by qualified counselors, therapists, and mentors who are trained and certified to facilitate it.

Each section will come with tips, steps, Scriptures, and exercises to help you apply the results for a better marriage. 


Gain access to the assessment.

You will have 48 hours to complete the assessment once you receive the links. DO NOT discuss the questions or answers to the assessment with each other as this can alter your true results. 

Once you have paid will receive an email from us asking for the wife and husband's individual email. You will then receive the link to begin from the assessment host. When you both have completed the assessment, we will receive your results and email them to you for lifetime access.